New posts soon, but this should tide you over.

I’ve had some friends in town and haven’t been able to write recently, but I have a couple posts in progress and they will be up soon!  This picture should tide you over until then.



About Dan Rumer

Dan Rumer is a professional drum tech and amatuer asshole residing in Henderson, NV. He enjoys cheap food, expensive beer and his cat, Optimus Prime. View all posts by Dan Rumer

5 responses to “New posts soon, but this should tide you over.

  • Lafemmeroar

    That must have been photoshoped lolol if not, I’m afraid … very afraid.

    • Dan Rumer

      Fear not, embrace the penis peppers. Don’t ask me what I was googling when I found this…

      • Lafemmeroar

        ok, i can’t believe i did this but i actually googled “penis peppers” and “penis vegetables.” for the peppers i saw some mini-red peppers cute
        for the veggies, i couldn’t get past the search page because i thought i saw some funky looking mandrake root that looked like a penis and i think it would have given me nightmares. at least your PPs have a cute color, but omg, the size of it. it reminds me of an episode of sex and the city … the one where Samantha meets this guy and he was so big she couldn’t take him and for the first time in her life, she tells a hot guys that she thinks they should just be friends. ok. rambling now goodbye …

  • Elizabeth (soimahomebody)

    Ok, I have had to share this with friends. Too freaking funny.

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